Sig Sauer von der Bismarck-Eiche

Home of the truly versatile hunting and tracking dog.

"Sig Sauer von der Bismarck Eiche" is the father of our breeding bitch "Daisy vom Mountain Creek". He is a truly versatile working Dachshund rhat proved his abilities on various hunting trials in Europe.

International Working Champion German Working Champion WUT Working Champion Italian Working Champion Sig Sauer, named Milo, is working all around the year on driven hunts, fox hunts, small game hunts and blood tracking.

"GS 2016 WUT-WorkCh 2017 C.I.T. 2019 I-ACh 2019 Sig Sauer von der Bismarck-Eiche"

male, born on 27.11.2014

BHP-G BHPS-G BhFK/95 BhFK/95/J BhN(F) I-BhFK 95 I-Saupr. I-SchwhK I-SchwhK/40 IntVp PL-BhFK SchwhK/40 Sfk Sp Sp/J StiJ VpoSp Wa.T., (SG) V

crd-PRA free, OI free, PRA tested on 06.08.16

Stud dog in Germany

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