Daisy vom Mountain Creek

Home of the truly versatile hunting and tracking dog.


Daisy is a versatile working Dachshund currently being in Germany to fulfill the breeding requirements of the German Teckel Club (DTK) and prove herself in real hunting situations.

She is friendly to any human, adult or child, has a massive prey drive and a good nose for flushing game. She is retrieving small game up to duck size on land and from water.

Daisy is built to hunt, with a short coat and a muscular body. She is anatomically correct, scored with a V (vorz├╝glich, best ranking possible) on a German breeding show.

Daisy is a daughter of our Yedra de los Madronos and GS 2016 WUT-WorkCh 2017 C.I.T. 2019 I-ACh 2019 Sig Sauer von der Bismarck-Eiche.


"Daisy vom Mountain Creek"

female, born on 27.11.2018

Sfk, Sp/J 1. prize, WaT/J, BHP 1/3 first prize, BHPS-G first prize, V

Currently in Germany

Next litter: End 2020

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